A country of mystery and magic – Bhutan is surely one of the most beautiful destinations in the world! Bhutan is a land-locked country in between Tibet and India and surrounded by mountains. It is also known as Druk Yul by the Bhutanese people, which means “Land of the Thunder Dragon”. The capital and also Bhutan’s largest city, is Thimpu. Travel to Bhutan and see how the country boasts of both modern and ancient worlds. Visitors are utterly mesmerised and have no choice but to simply fall in love with it. This Buddhist kingdom is considered the last Shangri-La and is also a perfect blend of nature and religion. It is a fact that Bhutan has preserved these both very well. Bhutan is the pearl of the Himalayas, where the virgin peaks rise up to 25,000 ft to the north of the kingdom and, below sheer glacial walls, alpine highlands fall to hazy forests and the mountain streams cut through gorges on their way down to valleys and wide marshes in the heart of the kingdom. And with their own integral culture, the Bhutanese people still follow their traditional lifestyle in preference over the modern-day lifestyle. The fact that Bhutan completely isolated itself from the rest of the world has certainly helped them preserve their culture. However, it has not stopped the Bhutanese from being well-educated, well-informed and from being competitive. Being proud of who they are, the people of Bhutan are also very warm and constantly smiling. They truly believe in Gross National Happiness and not Gross National Product! Bhutan and the Bhutanese surely know how to amaze the world – be it with their culture, history, festivals or by being the first ever Carbon-Negative Country! It is really amazing how this small country came up with such a fantastic idea and has lived up to it.

It has not been long since Bhutan opened up to the world, but tourism in Bhutan seems to be on the rise and the country welcomes visitors. Although some people still find it expensive to visit Bhutan, we say that every penny is worth it! What Bhutan will give back to you is simply incomparable to anything.


Area: 38,394 square sq. km.

Population: 797,765 – based on 2016 census.

Capital City: Thimpu.

People and Ethnicities: Tibetan, Han, Monpa, Hui.

Government: Unitary state, Constitutional Monarchy.

King: Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Prime Minister: Tshering Tobgay.

Languages: The national language is Dzongkha and the other languages spoken are: Tshangla, Nepali, Dzala, Limbu, Kheng.

Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Bon.

Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum.

Major Industries: Tourism, Cement, Wood products, Processed fruits, Alcoholic beverages, Calcium carbide.

In the Past: There used to be no roads, no electricity, no automobiles or telephones. There wasn’t even access to TV and Internet.

It was only in the year 1974 that Bhutan allowed its first tourists.

The King of Bhutan wears a Dzongkha or Raven’s Crown.

The Capital of Bhutan Thimpu does not have a single traffic light.

It is a common practice in Bhutan to paint “Phalluses” on houses to ward off evil spirits, bring them good luck and bless the people with fertility.

Bhutan is called “The Land of the thunder dragon” due to the fierce storms that often roll in from the Himalayas.

New Year is also celebrated as the birthday of all citizens – on this day, everyone becomes a year older!

Bhutan has a very strict rule against drinking, smoking, and chewing tobacco.

While the neighbouring countries are still trying to implement restrictions on plastic, plastic bags have been prohibited in Bhutan since 1999.

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