In order to optimize your journey in such far away countries, it is possible to mix and match as you please a combined visit of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. High Asia Company can adjust budget and duration of the trip in an exclusive package to create an unforgettable journey.

Because Tibet is a controlled access country, High Asia Company will ask you to stay some days in Kathmandu and visit this marvelous city while they are processing with the dedicated administration to get your Tibetan visa. Following your visit in Tibet, coming back in Kathmandu, you could visit the old capital cities of Patan and Bhaktapur or row a boat on the Pokhara lake while looking at the Annapurna mountains or take a short flight over the Himalaya looking for the Everest.

You can as well go to Bhutan, visit this mystical, welcoming and so surprising country, bringing back home unforgettable memories.

Do not hesitate to contact High Asia Company, telling what you would like to do and we’ll come back to you shortly after with some trips suggestion.

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