For a long time, Mustang, from “Mun Tang” (fertile land) in Tibetan, was not accessible to foreigners. Even today, the Nepalese Administration authorizes its access to only few hundred foreigners a year. Thanks to its expertise, High Asia Company will do all the necessary process for you to go there.

Located behind the Himalayas range of mountains, Mustang is practically not affected by the Indian monsoon. Therefore, yearly rain amount is only between 250 and 400 mm (from 9.8” to 15.8”).
Even being independent in the past and still very close to the Tibetan culture and language, Mustang is part of the Nepal territory since 1951. There is only one airport, located in the South, in Johmson, its administrative capital.

The Mustang population, being largely from Tibetan origin, is approx. of 10,000 inhabitants, distributed between three small cities and thirtyish villages located from 2,000 to 3,000 m (6,500 – 9,800 feet) of elevation. Because of harsh winter weather conditions, a large proportion of the population is migrating, at that time, toward some Nepal southern districts.

September and October, before harvesting season, is a good time to visit Mustang, the fields adding colors variety to the already unbelievable beauty of the scenery.

Using a Jeep or any other mean of transportation, High Asia Company will find the best solution for you to discover, in safe conditions, during the most appropriate time of the year, this mysterious Nepal region.

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Flying over the Annapurna mountains
4x4 Jeep
Along the Kiligandaki river
An oasis
Annapurna view from Mustang
Annapurna view from Mustang
Lodge and mountain